"'Allons à Lafayette', well that was my first record I recorded in New Orleans. Everybody went crazy." 

Joe Falcon, with Chris Strachwitz



For the last 10 years, our research team has been collecting the facts, stories, and historical legacy of the very first Cajun music recording families: the Falcons and the Breauxs.   

This website is the portal into understanding these families and how the creation of the Cajun music genre became a commercial success.



Joe Falcon, Cléoma Breaux, Amédé Breaux, Ophé Breaux and Cléopha Breaux.  Although their names are mentioned in almost every historical piece regarding early Cajun music, for the first time we will unveil the full story of their upbringing, their success with music, the tragedies of their losses, and the Cajun music legacy, captured in their commercial songs, that has been left with us today. 

We are happy to announce that all of the materials we've collected from the various family members, including never-before-seen photographs and never-before-heard stories will culminate into the very first biography on their lives and careers. 

Visit our page for upcoming announcements!

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