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Faquetigue Mardi Gras

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The Falcon's And The Breaux's:

From Lafayette To Jolie Blonde



Happy Fats: Cajun Music's

Greatest Storyteller

The biography of Leroy "Happy Fats" Leblanc


Encyclopedia of Commercial Cajun Music: 78 RPM Era

The encyclopedia of commercial Cajun music in the 78 RPM era

"Wade Falcon is doing the kind of meticulous research that it takes to understand the history of Cajun and Creole music in detail. We have all based our notions concerning this history on what was available in commercial re-release projects and other such sources. Wade has gone several steps further, discovering and exploring the complete recordings from the early period, including unreleased cuts, recording locations, and personnel on both sides of the microphones."

Barry Jean Ancelet 

Professor Emeritus of Francophone Studies and Folklore 

Center for Louisiana Studies Research Fellow 

University of Louisiana at Lafayette


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The Washington Paper

“Wade Falcon’s work is an invaluable and deep resource for the study of early Cajun music for scholars and fans alike. Through his research, Wade brings together primary and secondary sources to fill in what is often an obscure or roughly sketched history with critical detail. I am indebted to Wade for his generous counsel, deep knowledge of the music, and encouragement in exploring Cajun music’s rich history.”

Steven Weiss 


Southern Folklife Collection 

University Libraries

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill